Neustein Urban - Planning design architecture

Advice about urban planning, town planning, DAs, land use, planning controls, appeals

Development is a highly specialised area. If you are undertaking or regulating development in NSW, you need an urban planner (also known as a town planner) to advise you. The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (EPA Act) of NSW requires planning reports for most development. Neustein Urban's expert urban planners have the high level of expertise required to advise private and public sector clients concerning the regulation of the built environment.

Neustein Urban advises on a wide range of matters essential to development including: land use and planning controls, Local Environmental Plans, State Environmental Planning Policies, Development Control Plans, Contributions Plans, Exempt and Complying Development, types of approval, conditions of consent, and appeals against council decisions. Our urban planners have experience in a wide range of development and will advise you based on our knowledge and experience.

We work with councils to formulate plans and advise on appeals. We also work with private sector clients advising on: land uses, how to respond to council planning rules, how to implement development approvals, and whether or not to conduct planning appeals.