Neustein Urban - Planning design architecture

Advice on town planning issues

The principal planning controls in NSW are administered by councils under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act. These controls, the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and the Development Control Plan (DCP), are becoming increasingly complex. They apply to houses as much as to major commercial projects like office buildings. Understanding these controls and the differences between them is our speciality. Whether you are a home owner wishing to extend your property, a developer trying to secure approvals, or a council looking for regulatory advice, Neustein Urban can assist you.

Our firm's focus is the appropriate regulation of the built environment. Sometimes this requires modifying council views regarding reasonable development. At other times we manage developer expectations to achieve approval outcomes. Because we assist all stakeholders, we are well equipped to help you understand and manage your planning and development issues.

Neustein Urban is experienced in preparing LEPs and DCPs on behalf of councils and private sector clients. Our training and experience in architecture often makes the difference in how we interpret, present, explain or prepare advice on LEPs and DCPs.