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Following nearly 20 years of relative stability, existing use rights have been the subject of change over the past two and a half years. According to the Department of Planning1, change has been brought about by the move to a standard LEP template with its reduced number of zones.
Whenever architects congregate, discussion drifts to the role of local government and inevitable complaints about design meddling and delays. Everyone has their favourite/worst council story to tell. Delay is a common thread through most stories.
There is one reason and only one reason for the 700 page size of many metropolitan council's DCPs - the local government response to Planning Minister Sartor's requirement that there be only one DCP for any site was to amalgamate the up to 40 DCPs in some LGAs into a single 700 page document.
Composed of 14 business and professional organisations, the Coalition was formed to press the State Government for planning reform. The chief concerns driving the formation of the Coalition were delays in obtaining planning approvals, the unnecessary complexity of the planning system, difficulty of securing approvals for major ...
For the first 20 years of the LEC, separate experts were appointed by parties to a dispute. The experts wrote voluminous reports, often repeating a detailed discussion of the circumstances of the case, without any engagement with the opinions of the other party to the dispute.
The design of buildings has been a subject of great concern for local government in metropolitan Sydney for many years. Council planning departments have frequently accused architects and building designers of failure to assess context or consider urban design, resulting in poor quality proposals.